• Services for Regulatory ATMP Development
    Services for Regulatory ATMP Development

    Living biotherapeutics - Oncolytic viruses - AAV vectors

  • ATMP Biodistribution and Shedding Analysis
    ATMP Biodistribution and Shedding Analysis

    qPCR - CFU determination - Flow cytometry - EliSpot

  • MultiPlex miRNA Biomarker Discovery
    MultiPlex miRNA Biomarker Discovery

    Hydrogel particle-based >65-plex from small samples amounts

  • MultiPlex miRNA Clinical Profiling
    MultiPlex miRNA Clinical Profiling

    Pre-designed & custom >65-plex panels

GLP Seminars 2019: Registration is now open

The company is pleased to open the registration for new Good Laboratory Practics (GLP) seminars in 2019: Basic courses as well as a summer seminar on computerized systems are available!

Renewal of GLP Compliance Confirmed by Authority for Another 3 Years

Accelero is proud to announce that the test facility successfully passed a GLP inspection conducted on 15th and 16th of November 2018 by the competent state authority in Berlin, Germany.

Approval to Process Samples of Biosafety Level 3(**)

Accelero is now allowed to process potentially infectious biological agents of risk group 3, which are normally not transmitted by air.

Annual Meeting of the German Quality Management Association (GQMA)

Meet Accelero team members at the 23rd International Meeting of the German Quality Management Association on 20-21 September 2018 in Bonn, Germany.

Accelero Exhibitor @BIONNALE 2018

The company presented at the BIONNALE 2018 in Berlin - the largest biotech event in Germany´s capital region!

Just Hatched: Accelero MultiPlex Immunoassay Services

Accelero extends multiplex immunoassay capabilities - Luminex - LEGENDplex - FirePlex !

Accelero Participates in Veterinary Pharmacology Project

After eight years of serving the biotechnology business with bioanalytical services on human therapeutics, Accelero now is very pleased to support the regulatory development of an ATMP for veterinary pharmacology.

Quantifying Tissue Cell Surface Antigens by Flow Cytometry

Accelero would like to thank Miltenyi Biotec GmbH for the opportunity to test the gentleMACS™ Octo Dissociator with Heaters.

QAU and TFM Join GQMA Working Group Meetings

Accelero´s GLP team members will attend annual GLP working group meetings organized by the German Quality Management Association (GQMA).

Welcome to Accelero´s Website binding-assay.com

Launching a new website for our clients - this is binding-assay.com!