• Services for Regulatory ATMP Development
    Services for Regulatory ATMP Development

    Living biotherapeutics - Oncolytic viruses - AAV vectors

  • ATMP Biodistribution and Shedding Analysis
    ATMP Biodistribution and Shedding Analysis

    qPCR - CFU determination - Flow cytometry - EliSpot

  • MultiPlex miRNA Biomarker Discovery
    MultiPlex miRNA Biomarker Discovery

    Hydrogel particle-based >65-plex from small samples amounts

  • MultiPlex miRNA Clinical Profiling
    MultiPlex miRNA Clinical Profiling

    Pre-designed & custom >65-plex panels

GLP Seminars 2019: Registration is now open

The company is pleased to open the registration for new Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) seminars in 2019: Basic courses as well as a summer seminar on computerized systems are available!

Learn more what kind of GLP seminars are available (only in German at the moment).

Bonus: Customers of our GLP testing laboratory get 35% off!


Accelero Bioanalytics GmbH is a GLP certified contract research laboratory in Berlin.

The company provides bioanalytical services to international biotech and pharma clients, and handles non-clinical and clinical projects in the regulatory context. The laboratories are certified according to the requirements of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and comply with the requirements of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) in accordance with ICH guidelines.

The laboratories are assigned to the protection level 3 ** according to the German law (BioStoffV) and are part of a genetic engineering installation of protection level S2 according to the German law (GenTSV).
In addition to laboratory capacities for cell culture, microbiology, toxicokinetics and assay validation, the company also offers GLP basic seminars and GLP specialized seminars on a variety of topics under the name "GLPpraxisnah".

All training courses can also be booked as in-house seminars.

Customers benefit from Accelero's daily practice as an international GLP testing laboratory.