• Services for Regulatory ATMP Development
    Services for Regulatory ATMP Development

    Living biotherapeutics - Oncolytic viruses - AAV vectors

  • ATMP Biodistribution and Shedding Analysis
    ATMP Biodistribution and Shedding Analysis

    qPCR - CFU determination - Flow cytometry - EliSpot

  • MultiPlex miRNA Biomarker Discovery
    MultiPlex miRNA Biomarker Discovery

    Hydrogel particle-based >65-plex from small samples amounts

  • MultiPlex miRNA Clinical Profiling
    MultiPlex miRNA Clinical Profiling

    Pre-designed & custom >65-plex panels

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Office and Management:
Accelerō® Bioanalytics GmbH
Schulzestrasse 20
13187 Berlin


Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) BSL 2 Test Facility:
Accelerō® Bioanalytics GmbH
Center for Biotechnology and Environment
Zentrum für Biotechnologie und Umwelt
1st Floor / 1. Obergeschoss
Volmerstrasse 9A
12489 Berlin


Phone:  +49 30 610 910 300 (Office)
  +49 30 610 910 307 (GLP Safety Level S2 Laboratories)
Fax: currently not available
E-mail: service (at) accelero-bioanalytics.com


Please feel free to inquire additional information via email to:

multiplex (at) accelero-bioanalytics.com (for multiplex immunoassay and multiplex miRNA assay services)
glppraxisnah (at) accelero-bioanalytics.com (for GLP trainings and seminars)
service (at) accelero-bioanalytics.com (for all other enquiries).

The Accelero team will be happy designing the most appropriate assay for your application.


GLP Test Facility Location