• MultiPlex miRNA Biomarker Discovery
    MultiPlex miRNA Biomarker Discovery

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    MultiPlex miRNA Clinical Profiling

    Pre-designed & custom >65-plex panels

Accelero Launches Complementary Website

Acccelero Bioanalytics GmbH, a GLP certified contract research laboratory in Berlin, Germany, announces today the publication of the supplementary website binding-assay.com.

The new website is created to provide Accelero´s clients with information which have not been published on the parent website:

BIOANALYTICAL SERVICES - See how Accelero can support your drug development project.

CASE STUDIES - Get an idea of previous non-clinical and clinical projects Accelero was involved in.

BLOG - Read more about current developments at Accelero.

Please visit accelero-bioanalytics.com for additional information. The domains binding-assay.com and binding-assay.de are fully owned by Accelero Bioanalytics GmbH.


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